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Top Trump Rockets

I took the Cubs Scouts away this weekend for a camp and during their free time it was nice to see they still play with Top Trumps, granted the themes are much more popularist now, but as a game it has real lasting appeal.

I’m not afraid to admit I still play Top Trumps today and my wife often buys me a pack from time-to-time. Still, it is not quite the same as comparing the top speed of a Lamborghini Countach with that of a Ferrari 308 GTS in the Luxury GT edition, or the engine capacities of a couple of motorbikes in the Super Cross edition.

I remember as a kid sat in the back of the car with my brother on a long journey playing against each other with the various packs we had. My favourite was the 1982 pack: New Rockets – The Latest Super Weapons. Only in Top Trump New Rockets could you sit there straight faced with an ICBM (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile) in your hand and say “Range: 9325 miles” only for my brother to reveal he had the Nike-Ajax shoulder-launched AT weapon with a range of 600m – brilliant. Of course only during the 80s could you get a card game that taught kids the specifications of our ultimate weapons of war. Battleships eat your heart out.

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