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So I haven’t blogged for ages, but I am finally going to use this site for one of my original intentions which was to do some reviews of some of the stuff I buy. As my wife will testify to I spend far too much time researching kit before I buy it and can never find the reviews and information I want so I am going to have a go myself.

I bought a new iPod Nano 6G & Nike+ sensor kit the other week to use at work and go running with. I’m not going to review that here as there are loads of reviews already online, but I am going to review the following bits and pieces I have bought to support it. I no particular order:

Sennheiser Adidas CX 680 Sports Headphones
Marware Sportsuit Sensor+ (case for Nike+ sensor)
Tunebelt Sport Armband for iPod nano 6G
Kolay 6G Nano socks, skin and screen protector

As soon as I have the pictures edited I will start reviewing.

Watch this space!

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