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You have to love the imagination of a 2 year old. I walked into the lounge today to find my mouse mat (technically a mouse rug) being utilised as a blanket for dolly who was enjoying a rest in the bouncy chair.

The bouncy chair is a Tiny Love Gymini, by the way. My parents kindly bought it for our son who has just been born. Having looked at a lot of bouncers and deciding they were a lot of money for what they are, were generally wobbly and badly built we were really impressed with this one. It has an upright and a lie back position (easily adjusted) and the unique toy arches allow them to easily move out of the way to get to baby, but equally moved in position so baby can play with the toys on them.

The toys can be moved on the arms and the light and sound crab is self contained so it can be taken out and about on a pram or car seat. The crab has a starfish under it that when pulled activates the lights and sounds. You can select 2 modes for the crab: interactive mode (pull the star) or continuous mode when it plays sound and flashes continuously. It also helpfully has a mute button which turns off the sound but leaves the lights on. This works in both modes.

You can also add other toys to the stitched in loops on the arches. Tiny Love obviously recommend you add toys from their range. We have a Tiny Love play mat with similar arches and all the toys would be compatible. I guess the nicest thing about the arches is that the toys will actually be able to be reached at all stages of our son’s growth, whereas with other bouncers we looked at the child would have no chance of ever reaching the toys to interact with them.

Knowing we were going to have a small baby we were keen that a bouncer had good support for something so tiny. Before purchase we were worried about the lack of a separate head support, but our son is fine in it and he is only 2.7kg (6lb, 2oz). One reviewer suggested it was an issue but as long as it is reclined it is not a problem at the moment.

It is available for about £50 and the cover is machine washable as well. It comes very strongly recommended.



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