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My fantastic wife got me a Nintendo DS for Christmas to ensure I can game, home or away. Having seen my Brother’s I bought a copy of 42 All-Time Classics, as the name suggests a collection of 42, er, classic games.

To keep things interesting there are a number of missions you have to complete, but here in lies the rub: The computer cheats on the backgammon mission. Just when you think you can win it always seems to roll exactly what it needs to wriggle out of a tight spot.

Well last night after about 90 minutes of trying I finally did it and beat the computer, so for those of you out there trying to find the answer on the web, take heart it can be done.

My advice is this:

When the game opens keeps your 2 pieces in the computers area as long as possible and don’t leave single pieces. The only exception to this is to take any opportunity you can to land on the computers pieces, even if it means taking silly risks. You need to get about 5 or 6 of his pieces into your area to have any chance of getting a backgammon. Once you have started offloading your own pieces and the computer is trying to escape your area (thus failing the mission) leave a few singles to encourage him to land on you. That way your piece goes back to his area and you can have another go at landing on his pieces as they make their way round the board.

Other than that lots of trying and luck is what is needed.

Field Tactics next.

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