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“He’s worth a lot to me”

On the way home from Spring Harvest we stopped at Street to do some shopping and I found these amazing Star Wars Adidas Originals, even better they were only £32 and feature my favourite ever Star Wars character.

ZX800_02 They are supposed to pick out the design elements and colours of Fett’s Mandalorian Warrior armour. I think they do it quite well.
ZX800_01 They come in action figure style packaging.
ZX800_03 The trainers feature Boba and Fett tags on the laces, and his head on the tongue. You also get pair of red laces if you to bring out those colours.
ZX800_08 The rear features logos from Fett’s costume and are nicely distressed just like his armour.

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So I haven’t blogged for ages, but I am finally going to use this site for one of my original intentions which was to do some reviews of some of the stuff I buy. As my wife will testify to I spend far too much time researching kit before I buy it and can never find the reviews and information I want so I am going to have a go myself.

I bought a new iPod Nano 6G & Nike+ sensor kit the other week to use at work and go running with. I’m not going to review that here as there are loads of reviews already online, but I am going to review the following bits and pieces I have bought to support it. I no particular order:

Sennheiser Adidas CX 680 Sports Headphones
Marware Sportsuit Sensor+ (case for Nike+ sensor)
Tunebelt Sport Armband for iPod nano 6G
Kolay 6G Nano socks, skin and screen protector

As soon as I have the pictures edited I will start reviewing.

Watch this space!

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