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Well I’ve just thrown caution to the wind, discarded the clipper guard and gone for it. I now have a 12 o’clock shadow and I love it. I can confirm you can remove the guard from a set of clippers and attack your head with it with turning into a bloody pulp.

My head now has a coefficient of friction of a sheet of P60 sandpaper and the bathroom resembles a scene from a sheep sheering competition.

Still the experiment worked and my hair will stay short for at least 2 weeks.

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Being folliclly challenged like my father, about 2 years ago I took the decision to have a grade 1 and go bold gracefully. The problem is I have to cut what is left of my hair every week to keep up. This April I am going on my first 2 week holiday for years and don’t want to take the clippers with me, but vanity is telling me that I’ll need to.

I my quest for ever shorter hair I’m considering casting aside the guard and going for an US Military style ‘Induction Cut’ (please don’t crucify me Rob’s friends that get funny about using quotes). I’m feeling rather nervous about the whole thing as I don’t want to turn my head into some sort of hammer horror inspired bloody pulp.

So if anybody has any advice or words of wisdom for such an undertaking I’d love to hear them.

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