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Ok, so I was going out to buy a new electric guitar, but in the end I decided it would better my playing to get a new acoustic instead.

Thanks to some great help and advice from my guitar teacher Rob Cook I bought a fantastic Yamaha FG 730 in a wonderful natural colour. It sounds great and is easy to play. I can highly recommend it to anyone looking to move on a bit in their playing.

Click on the picture for super hi-res

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Today I went shopping with Rob, and started on the first part of my journey to buying an electric guitar. The shops we went in ranged from very useful to downright hopeless, but nevertheless I’ve now seen a lot of very nice axes and am thinking of remortgaging the house for one.

This experience leads me to 2 important questions:

1) What is the collective for guitars (like pride of lions, gaggle of geese, etc)?
2) What should I buy?

If anyone can shed any light on either of these issues I’d love to hear.

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