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“He’s worth a lot to me”

On the way home from Spring Harvest we stopped at Street to do some shopping and I found these amazing Star Wars Adidas Originals, even better they were only £32 and feature my favourite ever Star Wars character.

ZX800_02 They are supposed to pick out the design elements and colours of Fett’s Mandalorian Warrior armour. I think they do it quite well.
ZX800_01 They come in action figure style packaging.
ZX800_03 The trainers feature Boba and Fett tags on the laces, and his head on the tongue. You also get pair of red laces if you to bring out those colours.
ZX800_08 The rear features logos from Fett’s costume and are nicely distressed just like his armour.

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Top Trump Rockets

I took the Cubs Scouts away this weekend for a camp and during their free time it was nice to see they still play with Top Trumps, granted the themes are much more popularist now, but as a game it has real lasting appeal.

I’m not afraid to admit I still play Top Trumps today and my wife often buys me a pack from time-to-time. Still, it is not quite the same as comparing the top speed of a Lamborghini Countach with that of a Ferrari 308 GTS in the Luxury GT edition, or the engine capacities of a couple of motorbikes in the Super Cross edition.

I remember as a kid sat in the back of the car with my brother on a long journey playing against each other with the various packs we had. My favourite was the 1982 pack: New Rockets – The Latest Super Weapons. Only in Top Trump New Rockets could you sit there straight faced with an ICBM (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile) in your hand and say “Range: 9325 miles” only for my brother to reveal he had the Nike-Ajax shoulder-launched AT weapon with a range of 600m – brilliant. Of course only during the 80s could you get a card game that taught kids the specifications of our ultimate weapons of war. Battleships eat your heart out.

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